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ORGANIC Climbing X Nittany Mountain Works SOLAR SEWN from ORGANIC Climbing on Vimeo.



Bouldering is the most organic form of climbing. At Organic Climbing, USA we are committed to producing the best gear possible. Our products are designed to be functional,durable, and unique. Hand made in the U.S.A., each piece is one of-a-kind. We are an alternative to the industry mainstream. Influenced by the climbing underground, we work to promote individuality and the art of bouldering. Organic Climbing products bridge the simplicity of bouldering and timelessness of art. We believe in promoting individuality and are inspired by the underground art scene. At organic our goal is to produce the highest quality, functional and aesthetic products without any unneeded bells and whistles. Crafted with simplicity and longevity in mind we utilize the highest quality materials and put in the extra time to ensure every piece is unique and stands out. Our small scale of production allows us to focus on adding an artistic one of a kind touch to each piece and to talk directly to you, our customer.


In addition to sewing every one of our crash pads and bags right here in the USA, we strive to source all our materials from US manufacturers and small businesses. Occasionally, based on the availability of American products, some components may be imported. Please contact us for more information.