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Custom Inquiries

Organic Climbing products are all one-of-a-kind. The splashes of accent colors are created by recycling our cutting room scraps ensuring that nothing goes to waste AND creating a totally unique piece of gear every time. 

If you have a specific custom design or shape you would like incorporated into your item PRIOR TO ORDERING  please shoot us an email to:  

Please note we are not able to quote your file without the exact info you need for your pad so please carefully read the below requirements : )


Please send us 2 files for accurate quoting and sewing

Please save artwork as a high resolution Jpeg 300 DPI or higher, please note we are not responsible for artwork errors or blurriness after printing, customer is responsible for providing clean, professional and high resolution artwork, we can provide you the size of rectangle to save to when you send your images for a quote.

Please do not send intellectual property that you do not own rights to, we cannot make custom items using pop culture graphics, sports team insignia, or any image that you do not own or have not designed, this is a violation of trademark laws so we want to be very respectful of those. By sending us artwork you are assuming any legal responsibility for using the image and ORGANIC Climbing LLC will not assume responsibility for your possible illegal trade mark actions.

1) High Resolution artwork for the desired design on the color background exactly how you would like it to look (as if you are going to print this from your paper printer at home) Please note every detail in the image is going to print so we want to be sure you supply artwork as clean as you want it to look on your gear. ORGANIC Climbing is not responsible for artwork errors or dissatisfaction with product on part of customer caused by supplying us with low quality artwork files.

2) 1 File Please add color names and any crucial measurements for shapes on the design you would like

 Please also include your full name, address and a contact phone number.   We will review the design and make sure it is possible to be sew as a durable item or if it is best to do this with another production method.

Please note customer is responsible for supplying ORGANIC Climbing LLC with Print Ready artwork, if you are not able to generate this for yourself we recommend working with a graphic designer, we do not have the bandwidth on our end to generate artwork for customers through Phone calls or other ideas, and sew your gear we really do need the hard copy of your idea to create the design : ) THANK YOU.

We will contact you shortly with custom pricing as well as the time needed to produce the custom design.

Please note due to the nature of making a custom design from scratch these may take considerably longer for production, we will provide a quote on sewing time as well. Average production time for custom designs is 6-8 weeks. 

Custom design emails received after an order has already been placed through the website are not able to be added as cutting and product preparations often begins shortly after order has been received through website, thank you for your understanding.


Thanks : )

Customized colors detailed. from ORGANIC Climbing on Vimeo.